Strategic Marketing Management (Executive MBA)


This course offers a strategic perspective of marketing management, focusing on the process of developing a marketing strategy and designing an optimal marketing mix to carry out the chosen strategy. Specifically, this course aims to:
– introduce the key elements of marketing strategy
– provide a sound framework for problem analysis and action planning
– sharpen your leadership, analytical, and communication skills

Course Organization

The course involves a mixture of case discussions and lectures, with an emphasis on developing an analytical approach that will enable you to (1) understand the environment in which a company operates and identify opportunities and threats, (2) identify and solve marketing problems, and (3) develop actionable marketing plans.

To facilitate the learning experience, all cases involve writing succinct memos outlining a proposed action that will effectively address the problems/opportunities identified in the case. Case memos are developed both individually and in teams.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Marketing as a Value-Creation Process. The focus of this module is on introducing a framework for strategic marketing planning and building an actionable value-creation model. The case Iridium Satellite Phone: When the Pioneer Fails illustrates the importance of understanding and managing customer, company, and collaborator value.

Module 2: Orchestrating a New Product Launch.This module discusses the process of identifying opportunity gaps and developing a successful go-to-market strategy. The case Golden Island Jerky: Orchestrating a New Product Launch highlights the importance of identifying target markets, understanding customer behavior, and developing an effective and efficient go-to-market strategy.

Module 3: Managing Profitable Growth.This module discusses the process of identifying, analyzing, and closing performance gaps to achieve profitable growth. The case Calyx Flowers: Managing Profitable Growth illustrates the importance of understanding customer value in order to create a meaningful competitive advantage.

Module 4: Growing Sales Revenue.This module addresses the issues involved in managing top-line growth, with a focus on managing product adoption and usage. The case Beleza Natural: Marketing Strategies for Empowering Social Change spotlights the challenges involved in managing top-line growth while promoting social change.

Module 5: Gaining and Defending Market Position.This module explores strategies for creating a sustainable competitive advantage. The caseDatril: Pioneering the Acetaminophen Market illustrates the importance of optimizing customer, company, and collaborator value to gain and defend market position.