Kellogg on Marketing

From the world’s #1 MBA marketing program comes the latest edition of Kellogg on Marketing, presented by Philip Kotler and Alexander Chernev. With hundreds of pages of brand-new material on timely topics, like creating value to disrupt markets, defensive marketing strategies, strategic customer management, building strong brands, and marketing in the metaverse, the book explores foundational and advanced topics in marketing management.

You’ll discover a renewed focus on digital transformation and data analytics, as well as comprehensive explanations of the strategic and tactical aspects of effective marketing. From managing business growth to identifying target customers, developing a meaningful value proposition, and data-driven marketing, every area relevant to marketing professionals is covered by expert contributors possessing unique insights into their respective competencies.

You will also find: (1) Discussions of the unique challenges facing brands in designing and managing their image and techniques for building resilient brands, (2) Strategies for creating loyal customers and developing personalization at scale, (3) Strategies for designing effective omni-channel marketing platforms, (4) Strategies for crafting a successful cross-platform communications campaigns, (5) Discussions on the application of data analytics and artificial intelligence to the creation of successful marketing programs.

An indispensable resource for any professional expected to contribute to their organization’s marketing efforts or business growth, Kellogg on Marketing, Third Edition, also earn a place in curricula of the business school educating the next generation of business leaders.

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Part I: Marketing Strategy and Tactics
Chapter 1 Marketing in the Age of Disruption
Chapter 2 The Fall of the Four Ps and the Rise of Strategic Marketing
Chapter 3 The Framework for Marketing Management

Part II: Marketing as an Engine of Business Growth
Chapter 4 Creating Value to Disrupt Markets
Chapter 5 Customer Centricity as a Business Strategy
Chapter 6 Emptor Cognita: Competitive Advantage through Buyer Learning
Chapter 7 Defensive Market Strategy

Part III: Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy
Chapter 8 Target Market Analysis: How to Identify the Right Customers
Chapter 9 Defining Customer Segments: Four Steps for Successful Market Segmentation
Chapter 10 Crafting a Positioning Strategy: Capturing the Customer Mindshare

Part IV: Creating Value with Brands
Chapter 11 Building Strong Brands
Chapter 12 Creating a Meaningful Brand Image
Chapter 13 Brand Resilience: Surviving a Brand Crisis

Part V: Crafting a Successful Communication Campaign
Chapter 14 Managing Communication: From Strategic Planning to Creative Review
Chapter 15 Developing an Impactful Communication Campaign
Chapter 16 Marketing in the Metaverse

Part VI: Designing Effective Distribution Channels
Chapter 17 Strategic Channel Management
Chapter 18 Go-to-Market Omnichannel Design
Chapter 19 Sales as Storytelling

Part VII: Data-Driven Marketing
Chapter 20 Leading with AI and Analytics
Chapter 21 Leveraging Technology to Manage the Customer Experience
Chapter 22 The Consumer INSIGHT Framework: A Hypothesis-Driven Approach to Data Analytics
Chapter 23 Personalization: Today and Tomorrow