The Marketing Plan Handbook

The Marketing Plan Handbook offers a comprehensive approach to crafting sound, actionable, and impactful marketing plans that produce results. It outlines the process of marketing planning and the contents of the marketing plan. It is designed for use in marketing management, new product development, and entrepreneurship courses for advanced undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and executive education programs.

Book Information
Published February 2020 (6th edition) | ISBN: 9781936572670 (Paperback); 9781936572687 (Hardcover)
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Supplemental Materials
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Table of Contents
The Marketing Plan Handbook contains seven and eight appendixes chapters organized into three main sections as follows:

  • Part I: The Marketing Plan
    The Marketing Plan as a Business Document (Chapter 1)
    The Framework for Marketing Planning (Chapter 2)
    Developing the Marketing Plan (Chapter 3)
    Updating the Marketing Plan (Chapter 4)
  • Part II: Sample Marketing Plans
    Sample Marketing Plan: Align Technology – A (Chapter 5)
    Sample Marketing Plan: Align Technology – B (Chapter 6)
    Sample Marketing Plan: DeWalt Industrial Tool Company (Chapter 7)
  • Part III: Marketing Plan Toolbox
    Developing a Market Value Map (Appendix A)
    Writing a Positioning Statement (Appendix B)
    Writing a Brand Management Plan (Appendix C)
    Writing a Communication Plan (Appendix D)
    Creating Meaningful Exhibits (Appendix E)
    Performance Metrics and Analyses (Appendix F)
    Relevant Marketing Frameworks (Appendix G)
    Essential Marketing Concepts (Appendix H)

Prior Editions
Fifth Edition (January 2018) | ISBN: 9781936572557 | | Barnes&Noble | Kindle | Apple BooksGoogle Books
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