Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice

Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice is a foundational marketing management and marketing strategy textbook. It outlines the essentials of marketing theory; delineates an overarching framework for marketing analysis, planning, and management; and offers a structured approach to identifying, understanding, and solving marketing problems. This book delineates a practical approach for articulating sound marketing strategies to guide decisions involving product and service design, branding, pricing, sales promotion, communication, and distribution. This is a comprehensive text designed for advanced undergraduate, MBA, and executive MBA programs.

Book Information
Published January 2019 | ISBN: 9781936572588
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Download Book Figures
– Core Marketing Concepts and Frameworks: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Understanding the Market: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Developing a Marketing Strategy: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Designing the Market Offering: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Communicating and Delivering the Market Offering: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Managing Growth: Keynote | Powerpoint
– Marketing Toolbox: Keynote | Powerpoint

Table of Contents
Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practicecontains twenty chapters and three appendixes organized into eight main sections. The table of contents and links to digital versions of individual chapters are below:

  • Part I: The Framework for Marketing Management
    Marketing as a Business Discipline (Chapter 1) Amazon |  Google
    Marketing Strategy and Tactics (Chapter 2) Amazon | Google
    Marketing Planning and Management (Chapter 3) Amazon | Google
  • Part II: Understanding the Market 
    Understanding Customers (Chapter 4) Amazon | Google
    Gathering Market Insights (Chapter 5) Amazon | Google
  • Part III: Developing a Marketing Strategy
    Identifying Target Customers (Chapter 6) Amazon | Google
    Developing a Customer Value Proposition (Chapter 7) Amazon | Google
    Creating Company Value (Chapter 8) Amazon | Google
  • Part IV: Designing Value
    Managing Products (Chapter 9) Amazon | Google
    Managing Services (Chapter 10) Amazon | Google
    Managing Brands (Chapter 11) Amazon | Google
    Managing Price (Chapter 12) Amazon | Google
    Managing Incentives (Chapter 13) Amazon | Google
  • Part V: Communicating Value
    Managing Communication (Chapter 14) Amazon | Google
    Personal Selling (Chapter 15) Amazon | Google
  • Part VI: Delivering Value
    Managing Distribution Channels (Chapter 16) Amazon | Google
    Retail Management (Chapter 17) Amazon | Google
  • Part VII: Managing Growth
    Gaining and Defending Market Position (Chapter 18) Amazon | Google
    Developing New Market Offerings (Chapter 19) Amazon | Google
    Customer Relationship Management (Chapter 20) Amazon | Google
  • Part VIII: Marketing Toolbox
    Segmentation and Targeting Workbook (Appendix A) Amazon | Google
    The Business Model Workbook (Appendix B) Amazon | Google
    Sample Marketing Plans (Appendix C) Amazon | Google